Friday, August 17, 2007

The new Ontario Liberal ads

.... the one with the petite mayor of a southwestern Ontario town standing in front of a wind farm?

Straight up brilliant.

I won't link to them - I don't want them to get a larger audience - but they are pretty damn good "Morning in America" type feel-good ads.

If you haven't seen them yet, don't worry - you will. Count on it.

I hope the Ontario PC Party has an equally brilliant ad or series of ads on the pipe, but I doubt it. Their ads will be focus grouped to death and spend more time talking about how great John Tory is - which, given his personal polling numbers, I don't really blame them. But as some conservative talking head said about a year ago: "If its our nice guy versus their nice guy, we're dead". And I really hope we have something better than funding for faith-based schools (which I support, but don't think is catching on with the public).

I have decided to go out on a limb and make a prediction on the outcome of the October 10th contest. If I'm wrong, I will be the first to eat crow.


Of course, if I'm wrong that means we have a PC Premier, which is fine. I will happily accept that consequence.

But I don't think I'm wrong.

I hope you're wrong, but I see the Liberals doing what they do best, con people with their own money, and if hey, that's what the Ontario voter wants then I believe as you do that we'll see a severely reduced Liberal majority.

If on the other hand Ontarians like to hang on to their money and IF(and it's a huge IF because Tory's surrounded himself with way too many former Eves advisors), Tory proves to be a good choice in an alternative he'll be the one with the small minority.

Out here in the region of the wind farms, they're proving to not be al they're cracked up to be.

Nice commercials don't tell us that.
I think there is a more important issue at hand: the fixed election dates have made Ontario politics a constant election campaign that lasts four years long.

Whether TweedleDee is elected with a majority or a minority or TweedleDum is elected with a majority or a minority is secondary.
I agree. The PCs are just not selling the right policies in the right manner.

If they were, they would be making headway in the polls. Unfortunately, the latest Strategic Council poll suggest otherwise as support seems to be peeling away from the Liberals and spilling over into the Greens and dippers.
It is always safe in a media environment hostile to religious groups to target religious groups.

Smart thing to play the intolerant card as long as the target group has been sufficiently isolated.

Why not?
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