Thursday, August 23, 2007

Provincial Election - Warning! Sarcasm Alert!


I'm sooooooooooooooooooo happy that we get to debate reforms in the school system again!

ALWAYS come up the winner in THAT debate.

OK, thanks - I'm done with the sarcasm.

Like any good storyline, contrasts are easy for readers/voters to follow. That's why the school funding for faith-based will be an easy election tale: Tory is for faith-based funding; McGuinty is not. Very clear lines of battle.

Now, the Tories want this to be about leadership. That's not so clear cut, especially in the "us vs them" context of an election. Unless John Tory can come up with clear, specific reasons why he is a better/different leader than McGiggles, how will voters know where each man stands?

In 2005, (1995 surely. -- ed.) the leadership issue was easy: MacLeod flip-flopped. She was a weak leader. Harris didn't. He was/is a strong leader. No issue.

In 2007, I'm not sure the same dynamic exists. Sure, McGuinty broke promises, but he's not seen as a weak leader. Besides, while I know that Tory would not break promises, how do voters know that? They have no track record to judge him on.

Anyway, I hope the campaign team knew they'd be fighting the next election battle on education funding when they made that promise a key part of the election platform. And I'm hoping their polling, etc told them its solid ground.

Because the Fiberals will make sure that is where the focus will remain.

And that ALWAYS works out well. Ask Jim Flaherty.

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