Friday, August 31, 2007

Puffin' Smoke

I will allow various publications to rightly mock Iggy and his bird fetish.

However, I'm not sure if the Puffin is the best symbol of Liberalism in Canada. Maybe we need a new bird, or even a new sympol altogether.

What could be more Liberal than appropriating Canadian symbols and using them as definitions of "what it is to be Liberal"?

Is there a bird that steals other birds excellent methods for thriving in nature? Who change appearance depending on the environment they're in? Who eat other birds' food after they have gathered them?

That would be a bird fit for the Liberal Party of Canada.

A Cowbird?
I know -- the cuckoo.

This bird is parasitic. It lays its eggs in other birds nests, its young destroy the thoer birds' nestling and eggs, and the other bird is tricked into feeding the cockoo chicks.

The cuckoo is notable for its ability to emit a wide variety of calls. I guess this is analogous to the Liberal propensity to say anything.
How about the Dodo bird
People depressed or just plain stupid. Iggy was joking and all of a sudden it's a big issue.

oh, please, someone out there get a sense of humour.

Let's talk about Elections Canada and CPC funding or the latest in a series of "patronage" appointments, or ethics - BC/CPC - you know "real" news.

I just can't believe how stupid some people can be - duh - he was joking folks.
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