Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Reason 1,265 why I will never subscribe to the Red Star

...the semi-literate idiot who called me at 9:15 pm to ask me to subscribe....

$(#* off


The Star is forever trying to get people to sign up for their propaganda.

A few times a year, they used to leave a free paper at the bottom of my driveway as part of a promotion to get me to sign up.

Each time they did this, I would give their circulation department a call, and instruct them to dispatch a truck to reclaim their litter from where they left it.

They actually wanted me to retrieve the paper and recycle it myself, and they couldn't understand why I insisted they waste their time and gas to collect their newspaper!

Fortunately, they've learned, and they don't leave me free papers anymore.
and yet, it retains the highest circulation in the land.
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