Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Stateside 2008: Hilary unstoppable?

So, my buddy attends a function with some high powered GOP insiders, and he files this report:

"Yo, B - Last night I attended a swishy dinner event. I had a good conversation with my best connected contact in the Republican Party.

I asked him about 2008. He said that there is very little chance that Hilary can be stopped - either for the nomination or the election. The big republicans, including apparently Karl Rove, are telling people to focus on 2012.

As for the Republican nomination, [dude] said that he would put money on Mitt Romney to take it. He is very well organized in Iowa and New Hampshire (and leading the polls in both states) and has the junior Senator from South Carolina (Jim DeMint) working for him in that state. He said that if Romney can win in Iowa and New Hampshire, and finish a strong second or third in South Carolina, the nomination will be his.

This dude also knows folks in Fred Thompson's campaign team, and he said that the stories about Jeri Thompson ruining her husband's campaign are not far off the mark. She is apparently forcing herself into every major decision and it is slowly killing morale among the troops."

Just lovely. But of course, at this point I would rather attack Hilary than defend Bush.

Tired of that particular chore.


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