Friday, September 14, 2007

CONTEST: Dumbest candidate slogan

So, I've decided to see how, in an attempt to be creative, local candidates are using stupid slogans for their campaign.

We all know how idiotic the NDP's "Get Orange" slogan is (I'm assuming they used that for its almost limitless possibilities for song lyrics and other rhyming mediums).

So, I'll start it off by the ad I saw on the back of a bus in Belleville, ON a couple of days ago. It is from PC candidate Eric DenOuden:

"Building the John Tory Team"

What does that mean? How does that tell you who you are as a candidate? Does that mean your a trained seal? As a voter, why would I care?

Post the best and we will vote on the top 5 and crown a champion!

I don't know about the NDP slogan being all that bad... the full slogan in their commercials is "Don't get mad, Get Orange", a play off the old line "Don't get mad, get even".

So, people seeing these commercials, then later getting even a little mad at the Premier for something are going to remember the line, "Don't get mad, Get Orange". To me, that's Marketing 101... associate your brand with something people want, which in this case, to "get even" and send Mr. McGuinty a message.

It's a brilliant slogan, if you ask me. (which, I know you didn't, but figured I'd give you my two cents anyway)
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