Monday, September 10, 2007

Intolerance at its best... matter how Dalton spins it, he is going to come across as an
intolerant idiot who preys upon people's fears.

I predict that this funding of religious schools will be an issue until the
debate at which time John Tory will look straight into the camera and say
"In the interest of fairness and of ensuring that all children are taught
the Ontario curriculum by accredited teachers and subjected to our
standardized testing, just like the children in the public system do and
just like the Catholic children do a John Tory government will extend equal
funding to other faith-based schools. I know it is not a popular idea, but
it is the right thing to do."

And at that point he pulls up the 1998 letter from Dalton to the CJC and
says, "even Dalton agrees with me when he is not pandering to intolerance
and fear."


Exactly. You nailed it.
I couldn't care less how Tory spins this crap. He lost my vote and my wifes vote to this. And we will vote Liberal for the first ever.

This funding of religious schools should have been voted on by the people. The only way I can vote pm this, is by voting for that puke McGuinty. But that is what it has come down to.

Here are my reasons.

What is fair to me and every one else who appreciates separation of church and state would be take away the funding from Catholic schools.

I'd rather have the status quo if given a choice though.

The "fair" spin will only work on unintelligent voters.
Ridiculous! I refuse to have my child educated by state controlled secularism. It really is a multi-culti religion unto itself. Do you really want McGuinty and his cronies teaching your children? Wake up man!! I'm voting for John.

For myself, for My children and for the people of this province. We can't afford more McGuinty lies!
The reason I want Tory's plan to fail is because I don't want the government to control the religious school's curriculum. One hour of Bible a day does not a religious school make. The religious perspective should permeate the whole curriculum, and this move would destroy that. Plus, remember the Marc Hall case, where the Catholic school was forced to let a gay teen bring his boyfriend to the prom in defiance of Church doctrine because the school was government funded? I don't want religious schools exposed to that kind of government crap.
These comments perfectly summarize why this issue is a loser for us.

Only 1/2 of the conservatives actually support it.

Sorry Q, when people think of this debate, the first word that pops into their head is not "fairness". More like "religious wingnuts".

Not what I'm thinking, it what most voters are thinking.

If your school doesn't want to follow the Ontario curriculum, use accreditted teachers or submit to province wide testing, then your school doesn't have to accept the funding.


You cannot fund one religion's schools and not another in this day and age. There is an issue of fundamental fairness. My preference would be the elimination of all religious and faith based schools and make attendance at the public school mandatory. If you want your child to learn their faith, take them to church, temple, mosque...

but as long as we are funding catholics, we should fund all religions provided they follow the Ontario Curriculum, use Accredited teachers and are subjected to standardized testing.

It is possible that this will not fly with some conservatives, but just because it is not politically palatable, doesn't mean it's not the right thing to do.

For that, I appreciate Tory.

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