Tuesday, September 11, 2007

MMP: Ignore It and It Will Go Away?

It always struck me as odd that there has been so little about MMP and the "other vote" on October 10th in the media over the last several months.

Given that this is a potentially huge change in the way people are elected in Ontario, you'd think there would be more informaiton out there. Someone asked me over the weekend what MMP stands for and I told them I didn't know. Which is true.

However, it may be obvious to most (I'm a little slow on the uptake), but I believe this lack of emphasis is entirely intentional. The Liberals and the PCs both enjoy the status quo, and likely have calculated that if voters don't understand what is before them, they will vote to keep things the way they are. My wife said she's not voting for something someone can't explain in less than 30 seconds (faith based school funding, anyone?). But I digress.

As an aside, the only people who seem to be on this are the lefties - and boy are they fighting hard for this thing. Witness the difference between Q's post on the subject and mine a few weeks back. My headline could have been seen as positive towards MMP and received no comments. Q's was critical and people who have never posted on CH before swarm in to defend the proposed changes. Not surprised they are well organized - online anyway.

Anyway, I think the strategy here is to jsut ignore it and the voters will reject it. That way, McGiggles fulfilled a promise to put the matter to a referendum, but nothing changes.

So, on that vein, I will never raise the subject again.

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And politicians wonder why people are cynical about politics.
I agree with your assessment. The fringe and special interest groups who currently flock to the Liberal Party would cast their votes elsewhere, so the Liberals have little to gain from MMP. The same is true, but to a lesser extent, for the PCs.

I for one have no appetite for a pizza parliament held hostage by single-issue members.
Mixed Member Proportional

Or did I just ruin the fun?
Not at all, John.

It's just harder to say it stands for "Mish-Mash Parliament" or "Many More Politicians" with a straight face.

I'll still do it. Its just that much harder.
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