Thursday, September 13, 2007

Ok, Let's Change the Subject....

No, not faith-based school funding. I think we should stop talking about LOSING.

Two articles in the media today:

Top Tory to take blame

LONDON -- John Tory says the buck stops at the top, and he will take full responsiblity if his party goes down to defeat Oct. 10 over his policy on funding for religious schools.
"I have had lots of leadership positions and you know that that's where the buck stops and you have to accept accountability," Tory said at a campaign stop at London's Covent Garden Market, when asked if he'd personally be accountable for the policy.
Some Tory backbenchers are privately expressing alarm over the religious school issue, saying they are getting negative reaction to it at the door.

Ex-Harris minister sees peril for Tory on schools

Sep 13, 2007 04:30 AM
Richard Brennan Staff Reporter

LONDON, Ont.–Progressive Conservative Leader John Tory's policy on funding religious schools may well cost him the Ontario election, says a former provincial Conservative cabinet minister.

Dianne Cunningham, who was colleges and universities minister in the former Mike Harris government, told the Star yesterday that Tory's $400 million promise to provide public funding to faith-based schools is a "very controversial" proposal.

"He has kind of got himself into something. ... He may go down on this but he will go down as a straight shooter," said Cunningham, who was defeated in the 2003 election and is now director of a non-partisan think-tank, the Lawrence National Centre for Policy and Management at the University of Western Ontario."The only positive to come out of this is that people are saying he at least has the guts to say what he is thinking," said Cunningham, who said that she hasn't made up her mind on the issue.

I get it. The buck stops with you. But when you are discussing your possible defeat on the THIRD DAY of the writ, you know its time to change the subject.

Hear, hear!
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