Wednesday, September 26, 2007

That's The Best Warren Can Do?

I think torytube, the Liberal's internet attack thingy, is a good idea. Grest medium to play in.

But their "attack ads" are super lame and have no creativity whatsoever. And this is coming from someone who LOVES attack ads. I welcome the US elections becuase I know that's when they'll roll out the big guns for the idiot box.

However, I have yet to see one "ad" where I'm thinking "oooooohhhh.... right in the ghoolies." Its just a lot of stupid ass voiceovers over crappy computer animation. And Ben Chin should thank his lucky stars that he has a paying gig in the Premier's Office. Those anchor skills got pretty rusty, pretty quick. And get a haircut, darn it!

I've decided Warren K should write a new book: "Sucking Ass in Canadian Politics".

You'd think someone who risked eternal mockery by naming his GR company "Daisy" because he so loved that legendary political ad could dig deep and create something a little more impressive.

Time to find something new to dine off of, boyo. Barney is about out of gas.

Ya gotta laugh (or cry) about Warren.

Here's a man that once had influence during the Shawinigan Strangler's regime, but who's career will be remembered as an aging punk-rock-groupie who plays puppet games, dreams up school-yard slurs and childish you-tube video clips for alms from political donations.

Actually, it's more than a bit pathetic.
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