Wednesday, September 05, 2007

What's Less Than Zero?

I called it "U of Zero" when I went to Carleton.

Still do.

In fact, everyone in Ottawa does.

Gasp! What other mean nicknames does John Tory have for our institutions?

Cartoon U? Ry High?

Is there no end to his meanspiritness????

Just remember folks - this is why regular folks HATE "gotcha" politics. The media may love it, but this is exactly why people think partisan campaigning is stupid.

Because this is absolutely absurd.

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Gee, we used to call the place 'U o' Zero' when I went there back in the '80s; I remember, too that some my classes were in 'Ifshits'--'Pavillion Simard' to those off campus!

How trivial can one get?
U of Zero? I think Tory's being too nice.

I went to Mount Allison University in the 90s, but one of the schools that I had initially applied to was Ottawa U.

Let me tell you, the administration and admission's team there were very cold people. Sometimes they made it seem like a chore to speak to me in english.
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