Friday, October 05, 2007

Be Quoted Like a Man


If you want to stab the Leader in the back - during a campaign no less - man up and get yourself quoted.

Its sad that political journalism is essentially "anonymous sources" and "campaign insiders" these days. I wish journalists would have some integrity and say to these douchebags:

"Listen, if I can't name you, I won't quote you."

These "senior caucus members" should be ashamed of themselves.

I know I'm ashamed of you.

There's blood in the water and the next leadership race has already begun.
Back in my graduate school days I had a professor who published an article that was based on the results of a survey that was never conducted. Bascially, he made it all up.

In that tradition, I frankly suspect that terms like 'anonymous source' and 'high-placed source' et al. is codespeak for something the reporters are making up.
Aside from all the hysteria and back stabbing created by the FBSF issue, I think this is a refreshing take by Coyne that didn't find any legs during the campaign.
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