Tuesday, October 30, 2007

This Is SERIOUSLY not cool....

I definitely don't watch "Keeping up with the Kardashians", and I'm glad I don't or else I would have thrown my TV out after watching this. The real spectacle is right around the :50 sec mark.

How did it become OK for a teenage girl (like 12 or 13) to be swinging around on a stripper poll? And from her "abilities" on that thing, I get the feeling this isn't her first visit on the ol' poll. Yeah, I get all the pussycat dolls/empowering women etc, etc, blah blah but this is not empowering for a young teenage girl.

If I was ol' Wheaties Box Bruce there, I would have ripped that poll off of the ceiling and knocked my daughter's heads with it.

Hey, conservatives: you may think this is just crappy TV, but it is shaping the minds of our youngins. With The Hills and other shows of that ilk, kids are learning to value material items and superficial existances over personal character.

Don't sound too hip right now, fair enough. But if anyone is the lame-ass moron, its the people on these shows.

When we will as a society stand up and say: "I am just not down with young teens whoring themselves on TV. I'm just not cool with that."

Ever sometimes think common sense is under attack and its been fatally wounded?

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