Wednesday, October 31, 2007

You The Man, Jimmy. David MIller, You're Just a Douchebag.

(Only ONE of these guys is cutting your taxes)
Yeah for tax cuts.

And I'm actually not so jazzed about the personal tax cuts as I won't be seeing much of them. I'm more excited about lowering the corporate income taxes to nearly the lowest rate in the G8 and a number of tax cuts for small businesses. That's fantastic.

It's nice to see a government thinking about ways to put money back in your family's pocket.


Now, let's dispense with a few gripes we will certainly hear. Firstly, that cutting taxes means lower revenue. Yes it does - at first. But in only 4 short years, the revenue from these cuts will be back up to current levels. That's because more people are spending their own money. And secondly, I'm not sure if anyone noticed - but a surplus means the government is taking in MORE MONEY THAN THEY NEED. So give it back post haste. Thank you.

Now, not everyone is happy with Flaherty's budget. Predictably, Toronto David Miller feels your money would be better spent by him:

"I'm disappointed with (Finance) Minister (Jim) Flaherty's decision not to
reinvest the federal government's ballooning surplus in cities. After all, the
federal government collects nearly all of its money in cities"

While that may be true, that's not what the issue is. The issue is that you and your Council are going to spend it on things that YOU think are important. Things like:

Whereas residents and families getting this money will invest it in things like:

Yeah, you're right Dave - you would make much better choices than the average family on where the money should go. I for one am tired of my hard-earned money going towards pet projects for Councillors. If the feds invest in Canada's cities (which I actually think it should) it should be directly into core service programs, not a blank cheque for Councillors to spend as they see fit. I see fit to not give it to you.

The only circumstance under which either the federal or provincial government should provide any funding to Toronto is if those governments assume total control of what they fund. The City of Toronto has proven to be a fiscal black hole sucking up taxpayers cash with little or nothing to show for much of it.
Let the government of Ontario which has jurisdiction over municipalities or the city itself fund their budget. The Federal government has no constitutional role in municipal government. Let them stick to their responsibilities and tax only the funds needed for those roles.
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