Friday, November 16, 2007

Anonymous Letters Are Super Lame...

Dear Anonymous Douchebag:

I haven't received your letter yet, but I probably will, as I am a Ontario PC Party Member in good standing. I sympathize with where your coming from. Heck, I may even agree with a number of your points.

But stop being a big-time coward.

I give John Tory his due: he is meeting with members across the province to take his lumps directly. That's a tough gig - and its substantially harder than sending out anonymous letters.

Sure, we all know the campaign was ass. We know that the strategy was that there really wasn't any strategy. We know the Leader's Office and Campaign Team was insular and arrogant.

But what happened to people with balls? You seriously couldn't find enough people willing to sign on to (and spell check) your opus? Or people who are willing to stand up and challenge the establishment? If this Party has any future, we need people who are willing to check the Leader when needed.

And from your apparent lack of spine, you ain't it. Sad.

You suck.

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