Monday, November 12, 2007

Apparently, Bees eat Lions for Breakfast...

Very happy to see that the latest anti-war offering from Hollywood has tanked on its opening weekend.

According to today's box office numbers, "Lions for Lambs", featuring the left's most handsome wingnut, Robert Redford, came in a disappointing 4th place with $6.7 million. By contract, Jerry Seinfeld's "Bee Movie" jumped to the number one spot, earning $26 million.

Now, it would be easy to spout off about "liberal Hollywood" and how out of touch they are. But that's not what I find so curious. Movie studios are about as purely capitalist as they come: if something makes money, they support it; if it loses money, they drop it.

So why do movie studios continue to greenlight leftie films that no one goes to see? If you go to Apple's fantastic trailer site, there is no shortage of war or environment-related movies that have either come out (In the Valley of Elah, The Kingdom, Rendition, 11th Hour) or will be coming out in the near future (Charlie Wilson's War, Grace Is Gone).

These studios are clearly NOT in the business of losing money. But nearly every Iraq war movie, with the notable exception of Fahrenheit 9/11, has been a bomb at the box office.

So, why do these films keep getting released? Family movies are proven box office gold. Whether its Shrek, Chronicles of Nardia, Bee Movie or Harry Potter - non-partisan, non-preachy movies do very well in theatres.

I'm very curious as to why the studios keep churning out movies about how bad America is or why the terrorists are, in actuality, freedom fighters. Release after release has shown that this is a recipe for failure.

Great to see people are looking to be carelessly entertained again. Enough of the political heavies already.

Sorry Centrist
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