Monday, November 05, 2007

Back on the reservation... seems that the Brian Mulroney thing has finally pushed Warren back onto the federal liberal reservation...

I kind of think that since he is back to being his regular self, I will suggest to the B-Double we kill our link to him.

I had high hopes as he really seemed to show some maturity with his treatment of Stephen Harper, but I guess it was just him being p----- off with Martin.

It's okay, but time to move on.


B-Dub Responds:

Great to see you back, Q. Yep. I agree. Let's get him off of there. I'm bored with him anyway. I actually think Kinsella is dead wrong on this. I don't think ANYONE gives a rat's a-s about him and money he supposedly got AFTER he left office.

Adscam was just as much about ill-gotten money as it was about Liberal arrogance and voter fatigue. One of B-Double's "Boffo Rules of Politics" is that unless it directly affects voters, they don't really care - which is why that when you peel back the layers on the environment file, people are all willing to be green as long as it doesn't affect their green.

Same goes for Mulroney:





Myron Bullroney was Prime Minister FIFTEEN YEARS AGO. Cretin had his goons in the RCMP investigate Mulroney time and time again, besides other investigations, and if there were something there - you would think they would have found it by now.

A lot of Liberal envelopes stuffed with cash have passed under the table since then...

Kinsella's got it wrong on the legacy thing too, if it weren't for the courage of Muldoon, the Liberals wouldn't have been deficit slayers. That, and the fact that Crouton couldn't honestly point out a single thing he did to make Canada better after his dozen years of power.
Warren's outta here.
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