Saturday, November 24, 2007

A Big Loss For The Anglosphere....

Moving on....

A sad election result in Australia. John Howard was an exemplary Conservative leader. He was a strong, determined ally on the War on Terror and an excellent case study for modern Conservatives across the globe: a great record of economic development and a rim stance on important values.

People may claim that his loss was a sign that conservatism is on the decline, but few leaders - regardless of political stripe - can survive 11 years in power without an inevitable hunger for change.

This is a huge loss for the Anglosphere.

I hope this is not the last we have seen of John Howard.

UPDATE: That didn't take long. Looks like Australia is in for a lot of change.

Howard should have stepped down IMHO. The leftists just won by 6 points or so which is not a hugh margin at all. I think after awhile people want change but do not necessarily need to change the government... maybe just the leader. I hope a lesson is learned from this.
(real conservative)

I don't disagree with you. Although, as you know - it can sometimes be difficult to make that transition internally or externally.

Party infighting, missteps by a rookie leader, etc all make that kind of tactic not without its risks.
Howard was rude to Barack Obama, his moral and intellectual superior - Obama put him in his place though. But it is just that Howard was defeated.

It's always in poor taste when foreign leaders try to influence US elections. It was annoying when some foreign leaders endorsed Kerry. But it was really awful when Howard attacked Obama and then kissed up to Cheney's.
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