Friday, November 23, 2007

Do the Right Thing...Resign!

THIS is pretty cut and dry.

While Jim Jones may be a Conservative (former PC and Alliance MP), he needs to RESIGN.


They should call a by-election and if he wins that, then fine. But he does NOT have the moral authority to continue in his position.

And it is laughable that his lawyer claims this assault charge has nothing to do with his job, and it is a "personal matter". When you're in public office, it has everything to do with it. It calls into question your judgement, ethics and morals.

If you don't have those, how exactly can you provide leadership in government?

Do the right thing, Mr. Jones.

I know Jim Jones, and he's a nice man of good character. He has made a mistake, and he has owned it. However, he should resign and run again next time. Let the voters decide.
Oh my ... the horror!

Actually, I know Mr. Jones as well. And I'd say you're being charitable.

However, we both agree on what his next steps should be, so its all good.
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