Friday, November 30, 2007

The New Castro

So, Hugo Chavez thinks that someone wants to kill him.

CNN makes a technical mistake and Pres for Life (PFL) Chavez gets all squirrely (more so, surely - ed.)

USA Today was commenting on the referendum in Venezuela on Sunday which would essentially give PFL Chavez full dictatorial powers.

Turns out, though, the revolution is stumbling. While everyone is championing the healthcare and the education for the poor, no one told them that price controls would result in shortages of bread and milk because it is no longer profitable to make them.

Socialism, fueled by oil money, only works if everyone is compelled to participate.

Businesses are leaving Venezuela and lots of people (those with the means) are doing so as well.

Chavez expects to be around for another 40 years to keep "poking the US in the eye".

Sunday's results will be worth watching.

Good luck Venezuela


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