Wednesday, December 05, 2007

How About "Draft a Clue"?

Q, you have to be less subtle when you have references only history nerds of the highest order understand.

I'm going to the dentist this morning, so I'm already in a bad mood. Let's take it out on John Tory, shall we?

Firstly, I took a gander at the "Draft a Leader" website Q has posted below. I have to say this guy, who I've never heard of, is squandering quite an opportunity. He has been linked by Bourque, National Newswatch, Warren Kinsella, us (most importantly) and has been picked up by the provincial media.

Unfortuntely, he has taken a "build it and they will come" strategy, by creating a "home" for disaffected Party members, but not actually proposing anything concrete. I guess he's hoping the people who "join" (join what?) will come up with some wonderful alternatives. Don't count on it. You need more than a website and a smile to dump a leader, my friend.

Oh, and "draft a leader" is lame. Was taken? Actually yes it is.

On the other side, we have longtime party dude John Capobianco as the point person for the "grassroots" effort to keep John Tory. I say "grassroots" in this fashion because I don't think its much of a real member-driven cause. In fact, I think that the Urquart column on the campaign is proof positive that nothing has changed in the Party despite Lasch supposedly going for the high jump. I say supposedly because I'm wondering what the real "sacrifice" was. His job as campaign manager was over anyway and he and his firm still got paid - what exactly did he resign from? Giving free advice?

Yeah, that's a real kick in the slats. I feel for him.

Anyway, this "astroturf" campaign just shows that its business as usual in the ol' Leader's Office. Its being driven by Ted Matthews, a long-time party hack who was a PAID staffer for the 2007 campaign clown show and has been on the Party payroll for years. Now, I have nothing against Ted; I worked under him when I was *gasp* at Party HQ for a year and a bit and he attended my wedding. But since I came clean, we need a little disclosure here from the "Save the Leader, Save My Job" crew. The guy's not doing this to be nice or because John Tory is just plain awesome - he has a financial incentive to do so. Not exactly an organic movement amongst riding Party members.

But don't worry, Ted - I've got some good news. Tory will get to stay. But it will be a poisioned chalace, a term I understand John is familiar with. Here's why. I'm talked to many, many, many people since the election. The consensus is this: there is no immediate alternative, so John is the best default. And he's a nice guy. So he gets a pass because they know John will at least show up to do the job. In this instance, remaining as Leader is kind of the equivalent to a "participant" ribbon in public school: you didn't really win, but someone recognized you were actually were there.

And the next words out of their mouths are: "but I'm not really going to do anything to help him." In my mind, indifference is a far worse position than anger. At least angry people are motiviated. Think it was hard to get volunteers? Wait a while. See what happen in the next few years. Especially when its the same old crew running the show.

Good luck boys, you're going to need it. But at least you'll be getting paid, right?

What does the site have to propose that is concrete that they aren't already proposing? I think it is fine to say you want Tory gone and creating a site to get people to vote yes for a leadership review. That is a very concrete thing.

I want Tory gone and I have no idea who I want for leadership after him. We can figure that out when it comes up.
Fair point, anon. I guess there is no real requirement as to what the website wants to see happen.

However, instead of a "draft a leader" site, why not a "make changes" site. It is kinda stupid that there are 3 potnetial candidates on there. If the real purpose is to get Tory out, should it just stick to that?
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