Monday, December 10, 2007

Isn't One of Them "Thou Shall Not Make For Thyself An Idol"?

More douchebagery from Canada's cultural elite.

I took this ad from the Canadian version of Time Magazine I was reading while having lunch.

I looked at it and thought two things:

1) That Moses Znaimer is one vain dude.

2) That radio station is probably extremely thankful the first name of their patron/founder/operator is not "Muhammad."

Have you ever considered that this might simply be an advertising hook. Perhaps you are taking it much too seriously.
Just Business
Even worse, that is on some bus shelters here in T.O.
Anon: You clearly don't know egomaniac Moses Znaimer. I'm sure that creating a link to a biblical character was completely intentional.

In any event, I would suggest its you that is taking the matter to seriously. I'm just mentioning how much of a douche Moses looks like.

Joan: I'm surprised classical radio can afford bus shelter ads.
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