Wednesday, January 02, 2008

2008 Presidential Picks

B-Double wrote an article below on the Primary season.

I thought I would add my preferred picks as the Iowa caucuses are tomorrow.

On the democratic side, I would be surprised if Hillary didn't win the nomination. Despite the Oprah factor for Obama, at the end of the day, no one has the organization, finances and clout that the Clintons can put together. The question will be what Hillary will do about a running mate. A Hillary-Obama ticket may yet happen.

On a side note, the Oprah factor is not to be discounted. For those of us who live and breathe politics, it is hard to understand those people out there who just don't care. In the states, especially, there are a huge number of people who won't even know the nominees' names, let alone where they stand. Many of these same people watch Oprah and do what she says. Don't believe me? Look at the book sales for the Oprah choice of the month.

On the republican side, I am a Thompson fan. Not because of his policies, but because of his acting :-) I would vote for anyone who appeared in a Die Hard movie. Even the second one (which was arguably the weakest). He is the only candidate that has the moral authority to intervene in the Hollywood writers' strike. ;-)

Seriously, I think that the Republicans are going to end up with Huckabee somewhere on the ticket, only because the others have not tapped into the Christian right. However, I don't think the Christian right will be voting democrat if the choice is the one I mentioned above.

I disagree with B-Double about Rudy's infidelity affecting his ability to be a leader. I would prefer all my leaders to be pure of heart and integrity, but with that said, none of us gets to pass judgement on what happens in a private marriage (unless he was beating his wife).

As for the Republican ticket, I am going to go out on a limb and say McCain-Huckabee in 2008. I am only basing this on the quote by Liz Lemon on 30Rock: "I tell everyone I am going to vote for Obama, but will secretly vote for McCain."


How about McCain-Lieberman??? I think he could steal a few votes away from centre-right democrats who hate Hillary and her iraq policies, especially since the Christian right is likely to sit on their hands this election regardless of who's on the ballot.

As for infidelity amongst our leaders, you're right, it's not that big a factor nationally. And there is proof to this reasoning:

In a new CBS News / New York Times poll, two out of three registered voters said they'd vote for a candidate even if he or she had been unfaithful in marriage, as long as they agreed on most issues.

Some of the candidates on record with CBS's Couric. (Although we know she is a bit biased towards liberalism)

God help us.

Whether he's tapped into the Christian Right or not, Huckabee won't have the momentum to make it on to the ticket. Iowa is one thing but it won't happen in a primary. New Hampshire belongs to Romney or McCain, South Carolina to The Fred, and once Florida hits it'll be all Giuliani from there on out. I'd put money on Rudy (whose late-state strategy is looking friggin' brilliant right now) and McCain whose got enough cranky old veterans loyal to the Maverick to push him through in most states.

I'm still convinced there'll be a brokered convention though.
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