Thursday, January 24, 2008

John Tory's Team Are a Bunch of Hypocrites


These guys are rapidly losing ANY respect I had for them at all. Here's another brainchild from the smart folks over at Together4Ever:

Toronto, ON – The Together With Tory campaign responded to assertions made in today’s Globe and Mail:

“But [John Tory] is under new pressure form the party rank and file after the launch of the Grassroots PC campaign, the first organized effort to replace him.”

The story also quoted Nick Kouvalis:

“This is really a battle between the grassroots and the party establishment.”

Rank and file? Grassroots?

There is nothing “rank and file” or “grassroots” about Reuben Devlin, Bart Maves or any of the other names associated with the effort to overturn the results of the last leadership election.

They are unelected, unaccountable and represent no one but themselves.

Many are, in fact, professional lobbyists and consultants – the very antithesis of “grassroots.”

Really? So are the good folks at Together4Ever. Their main media hack, John Ratchford, is a consultant. he works for Ensight Canada - a joint venture of two lobbying companies, Enterprise Canada and Navigator Ltd.

And quite recently, he was also a lobbyist. Here's a screenshot of his registration:

At the samr time, John Capobianco, who is the (unelected) leader of this group was first a consultant for big-time lobby outfit Hill & Knowlton and now for Edleman. His registry is too large for this post, so you can view it HERE.

Listen, I've worked with the Johns. I like the Johns. But they are being flat out hypocritical when they are going after other Party members by calling them "unelected, unaccountable consultants" when that's EXACTLY what they are.

Did you think people wouldn't figure that out? I found this stuff in half a minute.

And frankly, I've had enough. Stop being bald-faced hypocrites.

You started this. Remember that.

You really have to wonder what on earth they are thinking when they prepare this stuff to go out.

It's just one bad move after another.....

......and the hits just keep on coming....
I read the comments and post of my friend "B-double". And yes, indeed, I am a consultant, a lobbyist and a lawyer. All three. Obviously, I have no issue with these honourable professions. However, I am not running around signing my comments on behalf of "grassroots". That was the point.

John Ratchford
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And I welcome you to comment, John. Thanks for visiting.

I obviously have no problem with those professions on their face either, given that I am a consultant as well.

But remember: those in glass houses, shouldn't throw stones.

Although I do have a question and a comment: if you aren't claiming to speak on behalf of the "grassroots", who ARE you claiming to speak on behalf of?

Just John Tory? Just John Ratchford? Caucus? The "establishemnt", however you define it?

My comment (and MY point) is that if it doesn't matter what you do for a living, why does it matter what the opposing side does?

Answer: it doesn't.

I stand by my comments, but I welcome your rebuttal and any other response you'd live to post here.
I don't know who sarted it, but you guys better figure out a way to end it unless you want to see the NDP replace the Liberals when Ontarioans finally see the light.
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