Friday, January 04, 2008

Reason #6485 why I hate The Star

This editorial essentially says governments know better.

They call the GST cut regressive but at the same time and increase in the GST would also be regressive. I don't get it.

I sincerely hope the next phase of our platform includes yet another 2 point cut over four years to the GST.

Along with other tax cuts.

Speaking of which, I am glad someone else is talking flat tax again. While I don't expect to see it in my lifetime, perhaps we could at least be trying to simplify the tax return process.


Disheartening to hear our PM and Finance Minister say we will not have any more tax cuts in 2008.
The GST is a perfect example of how taxes, once enacted, are generally permanent. The Income Tax was brought in to pay for the First World War. 90 years later, we're still paying it. The GST was brought in to deal with an enormous budget deficit. Almost twenty years and several massive budget surpluses later, we're still paying it.

What the editorial boards, the NDP, and the tax-and-spenders don't want to admit is that if we remove the GST, we lose the ability to spend that money. A lot of people on the left are saying that the 2-point GST cut could have paid for national daycare, or decreasing poverty.

What they avoid saying is that the original reason for the tax has disappeared, and we're now searching for new ways to spend it.
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