Thursday, February 07, 2008

Super Tuesday thoughts

While I indicated previously that I was a McCain fan (and I still am), I had pondered the possibility of Huckabee as his running mate.

I think that is where Huckabee would like to be, but I have been thinking about how best to counter the democratic ticket.

Some polls have shown that McCain wins head to head over Clinton and Obama. But what if the democratic ticket is both Clinton and Obama as the vp choice. Does it still make sense to put Huckabee on the ticket to keep christian conservatives on side, or would it make more sense to put a woman or an african-american on the ticket to take some of the "novelty" steam out of the Democrats sails.

I know Mondale had Geraldine Ferraro and that didn't do him much good, but here is my question:

If McCain is the nominee, what would be the most strategic move for him given the two choices of democrats, a conservative, a woman, an african-american (or maybe a latino) or some combination (say a condaleeza ;-)


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