Friday, February 15, 2008

What Could Make B-Double Vote Liberal In the Next Provincial Election


Gridlock drives me crazy. And it is going to get monumentally worse as another 4 million people come to the GTA over the next 20 years.

If there is no serious (and I mean SERIOUS) plan to substantially bulk up the public transit capabilities in and around the Golden Horseshoe, we are going to be the LA of the North. In none of the good ways.

We are long overdue for a regional transit network. And the TTC is the heart of that network. Without it, the GTTA (or Metrolinx, as its now called) will be nothing but another layer of bureaucracy and red tape that tells us what should be done, but accomplishes little.

And McGuinty cannot be blamed for wanting to have some control over all the money he is putting into transit improvements, as opposed to the douches at City Hall who respond to a ridership increase by raising fares. Enough.

Let's take "The Better Way" fiefdom away from Miller and his cronies at City Hall and use it as the hub for a vast and innovative regional transit system.

Tip of the hat to McGiggles. Well done.

for a balanced transportation plan for the GTA, please visit

Miller and his socialist council will fight the governnment on this because with the money, they use i to control the unions during the election years.

Prior to amalgamation, their were 6 separate cities and one TTC. No difference back then to now one large city surrounded by 3-4 million people. Time for the provincial government to take transit from all the municipalities.
Where is the gas tax going? HMMMM interesting.

Lets tax north york and give all there tax dollars to Jane and Finch. What an idea.
How bout those Ipso Reid polls
anyone believe them?
Tolls on roads. Punitive parking fees. Road space reclaimed and turned into parks. Higher ticket fines for 905 cars than 416 cars. Keep the parasites who drive into Toronto, out of Toronto. Make room for those who take the train. Make love to those who take the train. Make it cheap to take the train. But give Toronto a few points of the taxes generated by the business boom of reclaiming space from cars to give to pedestrians, bicyclists and the commuters who become those when they get off the train.
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