Thursday, March 06, 2008

Bland Works!

At least in Alberta.

This post by Calgary Grit says it all.

it must be lonely being a liberal in Alberta. Despite your best efforts to educate people about how badly things are going, they actually can think for themselves.


One could say Bland works although the Blandest of the Bland is the Liberal leader himself - he has as much personality as a toothpick.

And lo and behold - this morning he is complaining about voting irregularities - how people didn't know where to vote, had to wait in lines, weren't on the voting list (um Kevin, I just had to sign in) and get this...

he told the tale of someone who had come from a thir world country who said that this election was run worse than those at home...

That made my day!!!!

Whatever works to explain the decimation in his mind, I guess.
If you can't figure out how or where to vote, your opinion in the political future of the province is void. We don't want those kinds of people making decisions that could hurt the rest of us. I would also like to note that this election proved my theory that Liberals indeed get burned at the touch of sunlight being the socialist vampires they are, hence the low turnout.
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