Tuesday, March 04, 2008


To B-double and his wonderful better half on the arrival of li'l-E!!!

When my wife was pregnant with our second, I told her "if it is another girl, I have 13 years to convert the garage into my Fortress of Solitude to escape the inevitable house of hormones." Start planning now, B-Double - "Daughters are God's punishment for being a man!"

I realize that I have been a huge slacker on posting over the past couple of months and B-Double has been doing all the heavy lifting.

I will endeavour to correct that this week with an explanation tomorrow!!

In the meanwhile, B-Double, get some sleep - you aren't going to get any 13 years from now with two teenage daughters!!!


Yeah I remember when my daughter turned 14 and the hormones hit. Keep them busy and if they get in with the wrong crowd send them to summer camp or residential school. I may cost you money, but in the long term it will save you money and sanity.
Get some sleep??? When do you think I can do that?

Anyway, thanks for the congrats, Q.

I'm trying not to think of my two babies coming home in 10-12 years with track pants that say "juicy" or god knows what else on the ass.

I'm hoping girl culture has taken a marked swing to the conservative by the time puberty hits.

Daddy's not cool with an exposed midrift.
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