Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Next Steps

I have been pretty quiet on the Tory leadrrship front for a variety of reasons, not least of which is that I ran for a position on the provincial executive.

I am happy to say I was acclaimed to the position and expected to be more vocal about the leadership process, only to be drafted as the campaign manager for one of the other candidates for the executive.

Again, I am happy to report that my candidate was also elected (handily) to the executive.

Unlike B-Double, I am done trying to repopulate the planet, and so I was able to attend (with Mrs. Q's tepid blessing).

I had the chance to talk to many delegates on both sides of the yes/no divide and I consider many on both sides good friends and good conservatives who all believed they were putting the best interests of the party first.

So what now?

Leadership reviews and leadership campaigns can be dangerously divisive. The true measure of Tory's leadership and integrity over the next couple of months will be how well he reaches out to the yes side and incorporate them into the planning process.

There are 42 months until the next election. I will be working hard for the party until then.

I have been a member of the provincial and federal parties and I have not always had my leader of choice. Many who were my leader of choice disappointed me at some time or another. However, the party is bigger than one man and regardless of who our leader is, I would rather he/she lead our country or province than the alternatives.

So those who have said they were quitting the party if Tory decided to stay, I say this: "Grow up! Why did you join the party in the first place? Was it to for the leader or the party?"


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