Monday, March 10, 2008

Sitting in Pittsburgh...

...just down the street from where Bill Clinton is speaking tomorrow.

I find myself intrigued by the idea of a Clinton-Obama ticket come November. (I note Obama is not pursuing this, nor should he... he has a chance to win and pick his own, baggage-less, VP)

I asked earlier, how does John McCain counter the "novelty" factor.

I am still advocating for Condi, but who else could it be?


Condi is tired, she seeks a private life.
McCain would be wise to chose a Florida Cuban-American.
I'd like to think that Michelle Malkin would be great for the novelty... ;)
McCain can't counter the "novelty" factor. But if Clinton and Obama keep shooting at each other instead of speaking on the issues McCain may not have to counter the "novelty" factor.
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