Thursday, April 24, 2008

Not As Pictured - In Your Mind

Let's get the homies from the Blogging Tories to weigh in on this: is it a bad sign when you're significant other is attracted to celebrities or certain "types" that look nothing like you? I was thinking about that this morning.

I have a friend who looks like a big-headed and less attractive version of Peter Jennings (RIP). His wifey, a lovely gal, told me a while back that she has a huge thing for the rapper Common. My friend does NOT look like that - in any way shape or form. The only similarity is that that they are both male.

Similarly, my ex-girlfriend was really hot for David Usher of Moist (semi) fame. I do not look like David Usher, I can assure you. I look more like a flabby version of "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. Luckily (in every sense, but in this case in particular) my lovely wife likes guys a little more similar to me (she has a HUGE thing for Jon Bon Jovi, who... wait a minute... he looks nothing like me either), so I'll skip that thought.

So, I'm wondering: how common is this phenomena? Is this something that happens often within relationships? Does it spell trouble ahead for the couple involved, or is it just a "variety is the spice of life" kind of thing within the mind of the person?

I'm not sure why I wondered about this today (oh, yeah - I was listening to a song by Common), but it is something I have been curious about for some time.

It doesn't mean a thing if you love each other. I've got the hots for Jessica Alba. My wife is not J.A.
(Married 29 years June 2)
- Softtalk -
Yes, but did she look like Ms. Alba 29 years ago?

Congrats on a long marriage. All too rare these days....
I don't think if I would have had a shot if she looked like Jessica. :(
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