Thursday, May 29, 2008

Another Player Enters The Ontario Battlefield...

Haven't checked with Blogging Tories today, so this may be repetitive, but this popped into my inbox this morning:

From: exec dir 1 []
Sent: Thursday, May 29, 2008 10:58 AM
Subject: June Meeting

Fellow Ontarian;

Mike Harris brought sanity to Ontario with two majority governments.Sadly, since Iron Mike retired, we've seen Ontario slide badly.The province that once led Canada with it's industrial might has been diminished.

We now lead elsewhere:

-Job Losses
-Tax Hikes
-Government Growth

The Liberals, bolstered by the ineffectual opposition of John Tory and Howard Hampton will continue to bring Ontario more of the same.

There is an alternative.

The Common Sense Revolution didn't die.It just has a new home.....The Reform Party of Ontario.

Join us June 21 in London to plan a better future for Ontario...........or attend one of the other meetings scheduled across the province as we build for 2011.

For ticket information, visit or call 519-293-1019

Together we can return sanity to our province with the common sense of the common people.

Please forward this to anybody you know who is worried about Ontario's future.

Thank you.


I've always believed that two right wing parties will replicate the 10-year circus we saw in Ottawa and basically guarantee a Liberal majority government in Ontario for the next 2-3 terms, but I can't say I'm surprised.

As always, I wonder how they got my e-mail, given it was sent to my work e-mail, which I don;t give out for political causes.

Like the "YES" side in the Leadership Review, I'm hoping the spectre of a Reform Party will keep the pressure up on Tory to make some serious changes and develop some solid platform ideas. If not, I can see this fledgling movement gather some steam.

We shall see.

I don't think they are going to pose much of a threat unless they make some big changes. If you transfer their wonderful idea of having the House elect the Cabinet to the present federal scene we might have Dion as Environment Minister, Layton in Foreign Affairs, and Duceppe n intergovernmental Affairs. I leave you to enjoy yourself in filling out the rest of the list, just don't put any Conservative names on it.
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