Monday, May 12, 2008

Tough Sell

Try to think Green for a minute.

Take a moment to think about how much "carbon" you use in your daily life. If you drive, you use it... if you heat your home, you use it... if you consume electricity, you use it (even "green" energy uses it in the production of the "green" equipment)...

Now, think about how much you are willing to pay for the new Liberal "carbon" tax.

This is going to be some campaign when the time comes...the Liberals are actually considering a plan that says they are going to "tax and spend".

Ralph Goodale is having kittens because the surplus he was planning to use has been eliminated, not through poor planning, but by giving it back to taxpayers in the form of tax cuts.

I think that the Liberals are going to pitch this idea to well-healed audiences who actually believe that it will be revenue neutral, get it in their head that they are going to have a winner of a platform, pull the trigger on an election and...

...well, I guess we will have to wait and see.

Myself, I don't want an election until October, 2009. For no other reason than I am too busy to get involved to the level I would like this year. But I can't wait.


the surplus he was planning to use has been eliminated, not through poor planning, but by giving it back to taxpayers in the form of tax cuts.

Factually incorrect. The Conservatives have cut taxes and increased spending. The surplus was spent.

Dion's carbon tax is revenue neutral. Look into it before you start the attack. You might learn something.
'The surplus was spent' paying down the national debt, anon.
Are you saying that the surplus went into 'increased' government spending...wrong.

A surplus is the remainder, AFTER 'budgeted' govt spending.
So the Conservative government meet all the 'increased spending' and the unbudgeted surplus revenues paid down the national debt. It was not carried forward or earmarked for FUTURE spending.

A surplus is over-taxation of Canadians.
''Dion's carbon tax is revenue neutral. Look into it before you start the attack. You might learn something.''

Back at yah anon.
Problem is, there is no carbon tax proposal to look into.
There are no details,
except the numbers $17 billion collected and $10 billion redistributed,
taking $7 billion out of the economy to do what????.
The $7 Billion discrepancy is likely the cost of government red tape to administer the program!

Nothing Dion does could possibly be neutral to the taxpayer. Even if we believe his intention to make this revenue neutral (and I certainly do not believe him), there will be big government overhead costs (think gun registry).
First of all one has to look at what DeYwn has said in the past about a "carbon Tax" and his trust worthiness. Below is a comment by Rob Breakenridge, a radio host on QR77 in Calkgary. He is not even prim Minister and DeYawn, representing the LIEberals, is lying to Canadians. I really hope he goes with this useless idea of his, then all any political party has to tell the Canadians the truth. Yet, there are LIEberals that will vote for him just like the big LIEberal PM Ctretchin said about abolishing or changing the Grits Support Tories [GST] Tax.

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I Don't Like It, But You'll Love It Posted 5/16/2008 7:00:00 PM

Stephane Dion may be Stephane Dion's toughest political opponent:

» June 14, 2006 — Stephane Dion on a carbon tax: "I've always been against it. I will have other ways to get there."

» June 14, 2006 — Dion criticizes Michael Ignatieff: "The first sentence he said is we need to protect Alberta. And in the second sentence he said carbon tax."

» May 15, 2008: Dion says Canadians willing to accept carbon tax.

The Conservative ads just write themselves. Lorne Gunter has much more:

...when (Dion) released his campaign platform it referred to a tax on the production or consumption of fossil fuels as "simply bad policy."

Also, Dion told the National Post's editorial board in November 2006 (just weeks before he was selected as Liberal leader), if he ever became prime minister he would not even consider a carbon tax, because "for Albertans it's a non-starter."

He claimed in the Globe and Mail to have "always been against" a carbon tax. He had "other ways" to achieve emission reductions -- mostly investment in new energy-saving technologies and tax incentives for individuals and businesses that reduced their carbon footprints.

(...) Within weeks of becoming Liberal boss, Dion rushed to Alberta to assure the [Edmonton] Journal's editorial board, among others, that there would never be a carbon tax if he had his way.

I wrote at the time that I didn't believe him. His plan, regardless of what he was going to call its components, would hit Alberta disproportionately hard and as such amounted to a carbon tax. Dion wrote our editors insisting "the plan I will reveal soon to decrease Canada's industrial greenhouse gases will not include a carbon tax. I have said that I will be the best partner for Alberta and I mean it."

Even this past winter, speaking to an Alberta audience, Dion assured the crowd he had two "bottom lines": "there will be no carbon tax" and the profits earned by Albertans in the current energy boom "will stay in Alberta."
Posted by: Rob Breakenridge

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So much for a promise by DeYawn to Alberta and Canada ... get ready for a hidden Agenda from the LIEberals under DeYawn IF the corrupt party gets elected.

... vote NDP, at least they promise everything knowing they will never form the government, and people know that. At least they would make a good opposition party - since they do not support the Cons on critical votes - even against their own amendments.
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