Friday, May 30, 2008

Update: The Reform Party of Ontario responds

So, after I recieved the e-mail in the last post, I e-mailed these guys to ask:

1) How they got my e-mail, as I'm always curious as to who is selling which Party lists and

2) Who the heck this person was, given there was no name at the end of the e-mail from the Reform Party of Ontario.

I told them if I didn't hear a response, which I usually don't when I make this kind of inquiry when I get a mass political e-mail, that they are basically the same as everyone else.

Here's the response:

Date: Fri, 30 May 2008 05:31:09 -0400
From: "exec dir 1"
To: "B-Dub"
Subject: Re: June Meeting

1) I don't actually know. These lists sometimes just take on a life of their own.

2) Phil Miller, Executive Director of the Reform Party of Ontario on behalf of Brad Harness, Leader of the RPO. I wasn't actually trying to recruit anyone. Dalton McGuinty and John Tory do that for us.Not quite like every other party.....Phil


Thanks, Phil. It's pretty sad when the Executive Director of a so-called political party - and who is the author of a blast e-mail - cannot or will not disclose where he got his lists. As I, ironically, have said about John Tory during his Together4Ever antics: Phil is either incompetent or not being truthful.

No Executive Director would send something out without knowing where the list he's sending it to came from. If he doesn't truly know, he's not very good at his job. If he does know, he's not willing to disclose it. So much for transparency.

And a parting remark about how he's not trying to recruit anyone with said e-mail? Give me a break. Of course you are.

Either way, not an impressive start to the Reform Party of Ontario.

I have to say, given my current disillusion with John Tory, I was open to hearing what they have to say. But looking at who's running the show over there, I'll be sending my regrets for this June meeting.

I already have a membership with a Party that's having trouble get its act together, thanks.

From what I understand this party is at the very beginning of organization, barely off the ground.

I'd surmise that either:

1) they're using old list from sympathetic Reformers


2) it's just a list compiled through personal contacts, and possible from emails found off the net.

Do you advertise your email on your blog?
I wonder if that's the same Phil Miller who recently ran (and lost) for the 3rd VP of the PCPO?
Hi Brett;

All the emails I use were gathered by myself in regular correspondence. I have emailed you before in the period prior to the February PC convention.

Sorry you thought I was spamming you.

Phil Miller
Hey Phil:

Then why didn't you say that when I e-mailed you?

Its not a question of being "spammed", as this is a subject I would have an interest in. I am just curious as to how organizations or movements get these kinds of lists.

The challenge is that in the past, the federal Reform Party has always preached that they are "different" than the other main stream parties. That's why I was surpised that you claimed to have no idea where your name came from.

Its nothing personal - but if you claim to be a much more open, transparent and grassroots organization, you have to answet these kinds of questions. While this is decidedly a minor issue in pretty much every sense, its fairly fundamental.
You're right. Thanks for pointing it out.

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