Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Who said WHAT now?

Joe Who is apparently baffled by Stephen Harper's government?!?!?!

CAUTION: This post is not well written because I just want to rant!

No doubt because the current PM can govern with a minority "as if he had a majority" and gets away with it.

The more Joe Who opens his mouth, the more irrelevant he shows himself to be.

What a pathetic, little man he has become. One more time opening up the "hidden agenda" issue -

He said he was also skeptical about the Harper government's treatment of Quebec and how sincere the Prime Minister and his government are about accommodating Quebeckers. In 2006, Mr. Harper's government passed a motion recognizing the Québécois as a nation within a united Canada.

"It was a very clever manoeuvre at the time and very successful at the time," he said. "But I'm still a skeptic as to what his view is of this accommodation of genuine diversity in the country, and we won't know for a while."

My biggest question is this: The man was PM for 9 months in 1979-80. What took so long to get a portrait done? Was he just so busy with all his other work, or did he figure he might as well wait until after his second stint as PM?


I especially love the part about being a "political orphan". Give me a break. Get over yourself.

Political orphan?... his parents were puffins and hid him.
Thank God the Bernier affair came at exactly the same time as "Village Idjit Joe" as this was going to be front page/top story for days from the MSM...Nothing scares big cities like Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver more than saying "hidden agenda"(Bigger towns have much more than one 'idjit' in them dont ya know).

IMO Clark's words are potentially much more damaging than the Bernier affair in which the opposition and medias are currently obsessed with right now. Dion might use Clark's words in the next election but I have read that the few advertising dollars the Fibs have will mostly go to sell the carbon tax idiocy (See, they'll mostly pander the city 'idjits' with it)...Poor Joe, he thought he was going to see his wrinkled chipmunk face on tv during the next election.

Like all the Trudopian era worshippers, Joe is stuck in a time warp, alone, like a political orphan from another time...and this to say:
"Only the village idiot never changes his mind"...

Joe; progressive?........NOT!
He has every right to an opinion and the same right to freedom of speech as everyone else does.

Get over it.
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