Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Radical Muslims Are Figuring Out Al-Qaeda is Bad - Why Can't Liberals?

I read a fascinating piece in the National Post which was a reprint of an article in the New Republic. As someone who admittedly has no understanding of the Middle East and the geopolitical landscape of the various Arabic/Muslim states, I'm always interested in reading dispatches from those who are witnessing what is taking place in and around Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan firsthand.

I am heartened to learn that many religious figures of varying degree of radicalism are turning on Al-Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden in impressive numbers. In fact, some clerics who can largely lay claim to being the inspiration for Bin Laden and his followers to wage war on the US are now calling them "immoral."

Why? There are many reasons, but according to this piece, it is largely because Al-Qaeda is indiscriminately targeting innocent Muslims and Westerners in their terror campaigns.

I have always wondered why the thousands (or tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands, depending on who is counting) of Iraqis and other civilians who have died since the start of the Iraq war have been laid at the feet of President Bush and the United States.

Here's is a comment I saw on a posting about President Bush's trip to Europe:

" this is a total disgrace.after causing the death of 4000+ americans,100+ brits and more than 400000 unaccounted poor iraqis civilians ,you recognise after all that you are human. sorry but it's not good enough.why do i have to face death penalty by stealing an 'egg' and you getting away with murder.."

This is a sentiment held by many opponents of the Iraq conflict. But if jihadists and other (formerly or otherwise) radical Muslims can recognize that its Al-Qaeda that is doing most of the killing, why can't liberals?

These clerics and other figures - who have at one time or another endorsed the idea of jihad, some supporting attacking American troops - are now saying that Bin Laden, Al-Qaeda and its allies have blood on their hands. They are saying it is THEY who are to blame for innocents dying in Iraq and elsewhere. This excerpt sums it up nicely:

"Around the sixth anniversary of September 11, Salman Al Oudah, a Saudi religious scholar and one of Bin laden's heroes, addressed al-Qaeda's leader on MBC, a widely watched Middle East TV network: "My brother Osama, how much blood has been spilt? How many innocent people, children, elderly and women have been killed ...in the name of al-Qaeda? Will you be happy to meet God Almighty carrying the burden of these hundreds of thousands or millions [of victims] on your back?"

Quite a condemnation. Now if we could only get the left in North America to view these terrorists in the same light.

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