Friday, July 11, 2008

Trouble4Tory - Part I

So, it appears that tall things are not well within the PC Caucus as the spring session of the Legislature was ending. A little birdie peeped me to something that was never covered by the media.

The province's useless pesticide ban, also known as Bill 64, was going through the Legislative Assembly on its way to being passed, courtesy of a Liberal majority. According to my sources, PC Leader John Tory told his caucus it was a whipped vote. He told his MPPs if you can't vote against this bill, take a walk. Fair enough.

So what happened? Three of the 14 Tory MPP's - Jerry Ouellette, Christine Elliott and Joyce Savoline voted WITH the government in favour of the bill banning pesticides. All HERE in black and white.

Uh, this isn't good.

That's fine if it was a free vote, but a whipped vote is a whipped vote. That's the deal when you're a member of a caucus. Its the cornerstone of party politics in Canada - if you don't have a caucus you have no power.

I'm not sure who is more at fault: Tory or the three MPPs. On the one hand, you can't choose which vote you want to go with on an issue-by-issue basis. If so, you might as well be an independent. On the other, how weak is Tory that this is happening in the first place? Can you imagine this happening with Harris? Or even *cringe* Ernie Eves?

What the heck is going on at Queen's Park?

More bad news coming soon....

Residential pesticide ban. Another idiot McGuinty social engineering law. Quick, what percentage of pesticide use does residential use represent ? Answer: 3 per cent. That's right, 97 per cent is still used on farm land and golf courses.

A true victory for the environment!!
Elliott. Flaherty's wife. Hmmm...
Right Curls, which makes me wonder why ANY PC Caucus member was voting in favour or it.
Anon: Fair enough, but didn't Ouellette and Savoline support Tory?
Tory is history. Too bad he won't retire. Right now he is McGinty's biggest supporter. Sticking around guarantees the Libs a third term
I thought Joyce Savoline was one of the biggest pro-Tory partisan hacks in the caucus. I wonder if this was actually a whipped vote, and if so, if she knew that? If it was a whipped vote and all 3 voted against Tory's wishes, that can't be good for Tory's future.
good ol Jerry in fact supported Klees.
The part that throws me for a loop is that Christine Elliott voted for this nonsense. I thought she was better than that...
Anon: Thanks for the correction.

Alex: I totally agree. I don't think she's read as much on the science as I have. If she did, she would have find no cause to support this kind of useless legislation. Although, she must have felt fairly strong about it to go against the Leader on the vote (well, if the Leader could vote).
Further proof that JT (and his sidekick AP) are sooooo out of touch with the Caucus. While they are in their tuxes sipping Chardonnay at the opera -- the real Tories are out meeting constituents and trying to solve the problems created by the Liberals.

I think there is some merit to the fact that JT is staying cause he is secretly a Liberal and wants to ensure at least one, if not two, more Liberal majorities.

Seriously -- that stunt at the convention with 'having to think about it'... that couldn't be anything but an opportunity to pump up McGuinty......
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