Tuesday, July 29, 2008

WTO -- wtf?

I am an advocate of free trade. However (and this may be my socialist leanings showing through :-) I find myself more and more leaning toward the "fair trade" argument.

If we accept that free trade is a good thing (and I do) because it let's the most efficient bring their goods to market. It allows countries to specialize in a global market place and enables them to bring goods they need into their country. It opens up markets and makes good less expensive.

Where it falls down is when environmental and labour laws are not on equal footing and the cost of living differential is significant, the adoption of free trade essentially becomes a tax on the citizenry of the richer country.

The labour and environmental protections we put in place serve as a disincentive for our people to manufacture or grow products in our own country.

With all that said, I am not upset that the wto talks are collapsing. I think that these sorts of multi-lateral treaties do nothing but set up mechanisms to transfer wealth from the rich to poor.

I think it is in Canada's best interest to explore free trade agreements on a one to one or regional basis.


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