Monday, August 18, 2008

Copy at your own risk!!!

Bill C-61, as written, is bad law proposed by those who don't understand the technology they plan to regulate.

Some examples:

Making it illegal to circumvent any Digital Rights Management, so:

If the CD you buy has DRM, it is illegal to rip it to your iPod.

It will be illegal to rip a DVD to your computer or media player (video iPod, et al).

It will be illegal to record a TV show (VCR or PVR) and keep it after you have watched it.

It will be illegal to unlock your cellphone.

Not only that, but the enforcement of these laws will be impossible without massive violations of your personal and digital privacy.

Let's scrap this one and start again, shall we?


PS I am surprised there has not been more of an uproar from bloggers who make youtube and similar plug-ins part of their daily blog experience.

In reply to the last CPC fundraiser letter I received (and man, do they send a lot of them!), I enclosed a short note stating I would not donate to a party that would pass American DMCA-like legislation into law. I hope many other party members are doing the same.
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