Monday, August 11, 2008

In and out...


Quote from CBC via National Newswatch

Gary Caldwell, who ran for the Tories in the Quebec riding of Compton-Stanstead, said he later redrafted his election spending report to withdraw a claim for a 60 per cent federal rebate on that amount.
"I realize that the central party, any party, can give money to the local riding association, but when we examined this further I became convinced that it was only a legitimate local expense if we in fact spent it," he told the Commons ethics committee. " In fact, that was not the case."

In 1995, I was involved with the PC Party of Ontario campaign and helped local ridings coordinate their advertising for the Common Sense Revolution. The central party provided templates and then the local candidate would post his/her name and it would be authorized by their CFO.

Now I know this is a little bit different, but it seems to me that the federal party took this a little bit further than may seem prudent, but it does not seem, at first brush, that any laws were broken.

It is a matter of interpretation whether the ads were local or national. And that will be decided by the legal action between the Party and Elections Ontario.

The ethics committee is not going to find anything new or illegal.


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