Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Let the Hand-Wringing begin..

...5 days in and no medals.

My god, what a miserable, poor, destitute country we live in.

Let's all emmigrate to Togo, quick, while no one is looking.

Hey, so we're not the best in the world at sports, that's okay, we do okay democracy, human rights and free and fair elections, right?


Well.. yeah, winning medals.. no big deal.. as long as you don't mind every other aspect of your life in Canada operated on the same great drive to mediocrity.

Personally, I want a lawyer helping me who hates to lose, I want a Doctor that doesn't want his patients to die, I want a teacher that kicks my kids' ass when they don't do their math.. I don't want them to just "show up", and that's kinda what's happening.

The Olympic result is just a symptom of a problem, not a problem itself. Oh, and btw, as posted on another blog, the US provides NO government funding to their athletes.
Well the Olympics are definitely NOT amateur sports.

Most of the athletes from even small countries are PROFESSIONAL in that the host country spends a lot of money regardless how poor the country .

Canada pretends that the Olympics are for amateur athletes and that is not reality ... so don't blame the athletes .
The real problem is we are content to tell our athletes "you finished 13th, it's okay, it was your personal best!".

Bronze= 2nd loser
Snob: What do you expect - we teach out children the same stuff in school, where everyone gets a "participant" ribbon and they don't keep score on the hockey rink or the soccer field.
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