Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The next election

So I threw $20 in an election pool this past weekend and picked October, 2009 (the offical date).

After all the posturing this past week, I still feel comfortable with this pick as everyone seems to forget about the Bloc.

Duceppe has been completely silent.

I think the Tories are going to win the Quebec by-election (not Westmount, the other one) and the Bloc will not want to go into a general election early.


B-Dub speaks:

Or not. Yikes. I'm not worried that the Prime Minister will campaign the crap out of the dorky professor there, but those numbers worry me more than horserace crap.

I think PMSH would need to simultaniously rescue 4 kittens, an orphan girl and 90-year old Grandma Louise from a house fire - that Dion started - before his numbers go up. Of course, my fellow Canadians haven't had to see Dion on TV every day.

I have read somewhere that Duceppe is sick and tired of politics and wants out ASAP. With the separatist PQ going nowhere he knows he his toast. Would he stay for the sake of some others within his slimy party to get more on their taxpayer funded pensions is a good question but his is ready for maximum return.

I hope you loose your bet because I'm so anxious for an election. MAJORITY TIME, BABY!
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