Tuesday, August 12, 2008

An Open Casket? Are You Out of Your Mind????

The funeral of murdered 7-year old Katelynn Sampson took place today. Notwithstanding the horrific way that this little girl died - at the hands of family no less - some idiot decided to have an open casket at her visitation and funeral.


"Screams of anguish were heard as friends and loved ones saw the injuries to the little girl's battered body – which even makeup could not cover." -- Toronto Star

"The grief and anger surrounding the premature death of 7-year-old Katelynn Sampson was magnified on Tuesday when mourners attending the little girl's funeral noticed visible signs of abuse on her body.

"She had stitches on her cheek," said friend Tracey Rodda. "One eye stitched shut and black and blue, and they had to use so much cover-up and still couldn't cover the extent of her injuries." --CityTV

How can you explain this? Many of the attendees were kids Katelynn's age. As reported on the radio, she had to be dressed in a baseball cap to conceal the trauma to her head.

What good would this do? How do you possibly justify this? One may argue that its a very real opportunity to illustrate the true impacts of child abuse, but I'm certainly not one of them.

A full review of her injuries and cause of death should be an important part of the investigation by the state. But a funeral is an opportunity to celebrate her life (such as it was) and to remember her as a bright little girl. Not come face-to-face with her injuries.


These are some really sick and twisted parents who drag their children to a very macabre event and what's worse is that all these sudden-friends did squat for the girl when they saw the obvious abuses to her from hits and bumps off walls and furniture.

City TV has turned child-murders into a major event for the "recreational Grievers" that travel from town to town with the car loaded up with Candles,Bears,Flowers,Cards,ribbons,and a make-up kit to prepare for the un-rehearsed Media interviews .

Keep in mind that in Miller's Toronto it is a sign of Tolerance and Diversity when children are dragged to the Gay Parade to be exposed to naked males flaunting their penis to the children .
This public nudity by men towards little boys used to be called Pedophilia and the Mayor would order the Police Chief to make arrests , but today the Mayor tells Chief Blair to not make arrests other than the odd Catholic protester that opposes Pedophilia.
I'm not quite sure how you can compare child abusers/killers with the gay pride parade. It's actually quite disturbing how you did that.
Yeah, Panther - I wasn't going to say anything, about anon's "segue" from child abuse to assless chaps, but I agree with you.

Anon had me until "when children are dragged...."
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