Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Opening Ceremonies...

...first, after my last trip to China, I realize (while many other don't) that there is no point to reducing greenhouse gasses until China participates in a meaningful way. We don't appreciate that they have cities (at least 20) with more people than all of Ontario.

With that said, I don't disagree with B-Double about the fact that China should not have been allowed to proceed with the Olympics as they had failed to meet any of the requirements set out for them.

When I was in Beijing this spring, the trees they were planting still had all the frames to hold them up. These trees should have been planted 8 years ago when the games were awarded.

Oh well.

With all that said, the opening ceremonies were fantastic. Give credit to the artists and performers where credit is due. The technical and artistic nature of the ceremonies made them incredibly enjoyable to watch.

However, my only comment would be that the torch lighting was a little lame.


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